Dramatis Personæ

Wherein A Plan is Put Into Action, Thorondil Gains a … Friend, and Zistral Proves His Puissance…

  • During the day, three major bouts in the Battle Market take place. The first involves an Araterre fencing master named Aramis versus a snake-man who dared insult the art of fencing. This is a surprisingly short bout, with Aramis blinding the creature with a surprise lunge and dropping it.
  • A second fight takes place between Thorondil and a slave gladiator cat-woman wielding a spear. Unlike the previous one, though, this fight is far more exciting, especially with the woman’s aggression. Unfortunately for her, Thorn is the superior combatant and she soon collapses, unconscious. Her master, the repellent Farouq ibn Saïd, promptly casts her aside, which results in her being thrown into Thorn’s cell.
  • Finally, Zistral finds himself facing off against the minotaur who is seeking revenge against the centaur for the death of the manticore earlier. They clash … and Zistral proves himself to be much greater in battle. Bleeding profusely from multiple injuries, the minotaur is incapable of catching up with Zistral, who keeps dancing back out of range. Furious at this, the overseer of this camp, Kardswann, orders his mage to take action. A spell of berserk is cast at the two, though Zistral manages to resist the urge to fly into madness. The minotaur … does not.
  • With a roar, the minotaur lunges forward, misses Zistral who expertly dodges aside, and plunges into the crowd where he begins killing indiscriminately. And then, an explosion of fire erupts from a barrel of lantern oil. Suddenly, chaos erupts.
  • We dial back to earlier, as the rest of the warband having snuck into Kelmarane as they spread out throughout the ruined town to set plans into motion. Finn’s efforts draws the notice of two secretive individuals – Aguilar and Maria – and the three converse, quickly determining that their respective objectives coincide; when he learns they are members of an anti-slavery organization, he offhandedly mentions introducing them to Thorondil when he is rescued, the two react strangely and discuss in Elvish which Finn can barely follow. What he gleans, though, adds to his suspicions about Thorn’s parentage, but he says nothing and the two agree to aid in their efforts. Meanwhile, Brumrumli engages some dwarves in conversation, quickly determining that one of them is also an agent of the Seven Brother Kings of Zarak. The two converse which leads to Brum’s new contact to agree to assist in the coming action. Why, he might even be able to relocate some barrels of lantern oil! At the same time, Aslam manages to get into the battle market while using the press of people as concealment so as to sneak weapons and tools (such as lockpicks) to the captured Fa’iel and Thorn. And finally, Arn manages to meet up with Aramis and the two reach an accord as well with regards to the latter helping smuggle out any freed slaves.
  • The plan is set …

Player Notes:

    • CommJunkee continued as GM for this adventure arc. Due to other obligations, Loki was unavailable once more.
    • The Aramis character referenced is a potential replacement for Arn by Andricus who created him because he wanted to experiment with fencing and double weapons. We have a running joke about Arn turning evil in this game … so maybe Andricus knows something the rest of us don’t?
    • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at our Olympus Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline. Evidently, I’ve been providing the wrong Twitch address on these although Ronnke’s page simulcast with ours so…
    • We’ve also spun up a Twitter account to report our various statuses. Feel free to follow us @OlympusRPGGroup for news and updates.