Dramatis Personæ

Man Down

After the news of the bombing of the American embassy in Israel, the team had only moments to discuss what to do before shadowy intruders were spotted on their carefully-placed cell-phone-turned-security-cameras—soldiers, approaching fast and smooth, clearly professionals. Their prisoner, CS:Baldr, was quickly bagged, gagged, and bound; Mahoney and Vega half-dragged him along. The team moved out, stealthily, toward their stolen Mercedes. They spotted the soldiers surrounding the car. Deducing the situation, CS: Baldr made a muffled cry that gave away the Team’s presence.

A firefight ensued. The Team attempted a fighting retreat toward the waterfront, looking for an alternative transport. In the process, Mahoney was hit several times in the vest, but only bruised, while CS: Baldr was killed. As the Team reached the docks, Hurt was shot in the head, and very nearly killed outright. The Team kept up the fight, managing to take down three or four of the enemy, and forced the remainder to retreat to their two Egyptian Coast Guard boats waiting below. At Baum’s command, Vega quickly pulled his L85 out of his duffel and shot one of the boat drivers before he could get the vehicle moving. Police sirens could be heard in the distance, quickly approaching the docks.

As the vehicle was secured, and the unconscious Hurt stabilized and loaded aboard, Baum collected up the Israeli weapons the clearly not-Israeli soldiers were using, lest they be found by the local authorities and Israel be blamed for the attack—no doubt, intentionally. All aboard, Vega took the wheel and steered them South, deeper down the Suez Canal, to get them clear.