Dramatis Personæ

Hot Pursuit

As the team fled south down the Suez Canal in the stolen Egyptian Coast Guard fast-boat, they were immediately picked up by a larger Egyptian vessel, well armed and bearing down. Mahoney tended to the unconscious Hurt, while Vega steered the boat out of the way of incoming machinegun fire, only taking a round or two before managing to evade pursuit.

As they continued down the canal toward a less-populated area, the team called in for assistance and were answered by Reilly, who gave them coordinates to wait for a pickup. Reilly arrived in a UH-1 bearing Sudanese markings and bullet-holes, with a rough landing due to his pilot being injured. The team boarded, and Vega took over as pilot.

They were immediately pursued by an armed Egyptian helicopter. Again, Vega evaded incoming fire, and managed to lose their pursuer with a well-timed stunt under a highway bridge masked by the near-miss of their pursuer’s antitank missile. They then made straight for the Israeli border and called ahead for permission to land.

The team proceeded to the hospital where most of the wounded from the embassy bombing were being collected to see if Phillip Quinn had been admitted. Baum was able to use his Mossad credentials to get in and found that Quinn had survived, and was in the ICU, but decided not to press his luck by trying to get past security to see him directly. With Reilly, on the way to rejoin the others at a nearby cafĂ©, Baum spotted CS: Heimdall getting into a car. At Baum’s call, Vega and Mahoney quickly picked them up in their SUV. The team attempted to tail CS: Heimdall’s vehicle, but were quickly spotted. A street-chase ensued, filled with exchange of gunfire from both vehicles, ending in a crash on a narrow side-street.