Dramatis Personæ

Live Stream

Wherein the company continues in battle against a centaur raid…

  • The battle is carried over from last session.
  • The caravaners were cut down early, including their leader, and the few that remained fled the field.
  • Zyanra was wounded by a centaur spear, and collapsed, tended by nearby Aramis.
  • Ismir was also wounded by a spear, and passed out.
  • Thorondil cut the “leash” between the centaur spellcaster and her handler, and she exploded.
  • A one-eyed Yuan-Ti sprang out of ambush to attack Aramis, only to have their duel rudely interrupted by an impatient Brumrumli.
  • At the end, one of the centaur warriors remained and was able to flee, though greatly injured by Haruki in the process.
  • After the fight was over, Ammerah tended the wounded.
  • A strangely-hued sandstorm was spotted on the horizon, quickly approaching.

Player Notes:

  • This second part of the fight from last week ended up taking the entire session.