Dramatis Personæ

Live Stream

Wherein a strange sandstorm changes everything…

  • Post-battle, Ammerah tended the injured, with Gestlin’s help, while the caravan survivors prepared shelter from the incoming sandstorm.
  • All present sheltered in tents as the sandstorm arrived; the unconscious and/or injured were dragged inside. During the storm, all were affected magically:
    • Aramis’ left arm turned to copper
    • Brumrumli’s beard and hair are enveloped in flames that don’t burn
    • Haruki grew 5 inches taller
    • Ismir seemed unaffected, though he was unconscious from his wounds
    • Thorondil’s wing-harness disappeared, but the wings became permanent
    • Gestlin became a hawk
    • Ammerah and Zyanra switched bodies
    • Of the other survivors: One turned to sand, one killed by plants growing out of him, one grew 5 inches shorter, one grew 10 years younger, one’s tongue became that of a serpent
  • In the morning, the survivor with the serpent’s tongue, believing himself cursed by Allah, had gone into the desert to die. Thorondil and Gestlin flew to find him, but were unable to save him from a buried, giant desert creature (AKA Deserthulhu).
  • The company traveled to Dulihiban with the remaining caravaners and their dozen-or-so camels, hoping to purchase some of the camels there for their own use.
  • Dulihiban was found by Thorondil to be deserted, but Ismir entered and found the population turned to glass.