Dramatis Personæ

Live Stream

Wherein the company returns to the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls…

  • Continued from last session
  • Farouk Ibn Said is cast down to the arena floor, where Zyanra is allowed to end him finally to her satisfaction with Ismir’s meteoric knife.
  • Thorondil, Haruki, and Ismir go to the palace to join Zat Al-Dawahi’s triumphant forces in the looting. Ismir finds a secret stash containing an item of great value in the palace.
  • The company joins ZAT’s forces as they return to the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, sped along by ZAT’s magic.
  • At the Citadel:
    • Aramis rests, to recover from his injuries.
    • Brumrumli is summoned to a meeting with the visiting merchant, Thráin Ironfist, who attempts to extort him into aiding his business.
    • Haruki interacts with a gaggle of oprhans/urchins, to their great amusement.
    • Thorondil meets Zyanra’s litter-mates.
    • Ismir encounters his former wife, whom he thought dead, finding her happily married to another, with a young son.
  • Waiting for five days:
    • Brum is magically transported to another plane, where he lives a lifetime, is married, widowed, and lives as an airship captain, before returning suddenly, mere seconds after he had gone.
    • Haruki encounters a slave ring and destroys it utterly, during which his lack of restraint causes him some concern.
    • Thorondil encounters a pair of dragons (he did not know at the time were Primus and Secundus) and releases them.
    • Ismir, depressed about his wife, asks ZAT for a mission; she sends him to kill a dragon, and he returns with a unique item from its hoard.
  • The company is briefed on their next task, to go to the “lost” City of Ten Thousand Pillars to retrieve a golden altar.