Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein the company is house-guest to a goddess…

  • The company (minus Gestlin) found themselves teleported to the Citadel of Ten-Thousand Pearls, and the court of the djinn ruler, Zat al-Dawahi. They are made to explain their purpose, that being to seek her aid in the rescue of Finn Sardock
  • At dinner, Zat revealed that she believes she can, with much difficulty, rescue Finn, at the cost of three tasks the company must perform. Also, Ammerah is already present with him, which the djinn interpreted to mean she must send Ammerah to Finn’s location a week or two into the past.
  • The following morning, Ammerah was sent through a portal to Finn.
  • Exploring the city, Brumrumli encountered a familiar dwarf, Thráin Ironfist, in a cage, to be sold at market as a slave. Thorondil sneaked in and unlocked the cage, allowing him to escape. Believing Brum responsible, Thráin indicated he owes him a debt, before disappearing.
  • At evening dinner, Zat tasked the company with delivering a message to Farouq ibn Said, the half-djinn who previously enslaved Zyanra, and escaped death at the Kelmarane Battle-Market.
  • Ismir requested of Zat to be allowed to claim a knife left stuck in the hall floor, to be “used upon her enemies,” and it was granted.
  • With Zyanra as “advisor,” the company set out for the City of Ten Thousand Delights, Farouq’s domain, upon the following morning.