Dramatis Personæ

Live Stream

Wherein the company battles ghouls and snatches an artifact…

  • At Iram dhāt al-ʿimād, the Company finds itself surrounded by ghouls, and fights them back-to-back, until they finally break.
    • Brumrumli wields “Klang” for the first time.
    • Haruki is cut a time or two but shrugs it off.
    • Ismir’s arm is severely crippled.
    • Thorondil wields “Grimslaughter” for the first time.
    • The fight is joined by some sort of “carnivorous mist” that devours the surviving ghouls as they run away.
  • They quickly grab the altar and flee the ruined city, staying just out of reach of the mist.
  • After some days, they return to the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls, and present the altar to Zat Al-Dawahi. She needs a few days to prepare for the next task.
  • After preparing, ZAD summons the Company. She presents them with an “anchor” to take through a portal to the world where Finn Sardock is lost. There he can use it as a guide to create his own portal to return.
  • ZAD creates the portal, and the Company enters, arriving in another world. They are met by a years-older Finn Sardock, who asks, “What took you so long?…”