Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein the company helps Finn Sardock return to Yrth…

  • Finn Sardock gates in to meet the Company as they arrive in this strange world, and explains his situation—he has been hiding here for (probably) seven years—before gating them back to his adopted home, an otherwise-abandoned, walled town, on a hard-to-reach hill.
    • Ammerah is at the town, with their two young children.
    • With them in the town are forty-or-so refugees, total-pacifists who will not touch weapons at all.
  • Finn cloaks the beacon to suppress its magical signature, lest it draw too much hostile attention. Later he uncloaks it to study it, to discover how to use it to guide him in creating a portal back to Yrth, knowing that the local enemies, “Nightmares” and their “beast-man” army, will notice it and attack.
  • In the night, an eyeless “Nightmare,” armored and bearing a strange sword, appears in the courtyard and attacks Finn, but is repelled by Thorondil and Ismir, as the rest arrive to see it disappear into the shadows.
  • The next day, the Company looks to shore up the town’s defenses against the inevitable assault, supervised by Brumrumli, while Finn’s family and the refugees prepare to evacuate.
  • The beast-man army attacks the town gates and breaks through, just as the Company, Finn, and the rest of the town’s occupants flee through Finn’s portal.