Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein the company battles a djinn…

  • At the Cave of Winds, the djinn-lord Atah Keth, now possessing the body of Sheik Rashid, commands the nearby Fa’iel to stand and defend him from the Company. Ismir succumbs to the djinn’s magic and does as bidden, attacking the others.
  • Meanwhile, a group of Atah Keth’s centaur soldiers attack the remaining refugees as they continue to crowd through the portal. Haruki and the free cat-people defend Finn and the refugees. Haruki is wounded, but fells two of the centaurs on his own.
  • At the cave, the Company fights through the mind-controlled Fa’iel warriors to attack the djinn-possessed-sheik, who, after Brum manages to finally land a blow, turns Aramis to stone, followed by Brum. Desperate, Thorondil uses Smil-Blam (Gestlin’s unpredictable Rod of Wonder artifact) to banish the djinn, who immediately flees, taking Rashid’s body with him.
  • With the fight done and all arrived through the portal, Finn creates another portal direct to Castle Defiant, home at last. As they all begin to cross over, they see that the banner of the “rightful heir” to Defiant, as well as that of the King of Caithness, indicating they are in residence.