Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein the company flees the destruction of their patron…

  • The Company, including the 43 locals from the otherworld, arrives on the other side of the portal to find Zat Al-Dawahi being torn apart by the other djinn lords, while their forces battle each other throughout the Citadel of Ten Thousand Pearls. The Company flees the palace into the streets, fighting their way out of the city.
    • Finn Sardock remains unconscious from the effort at creating the portal, and is carried along
    • Haruki uses his tetsubo to bar a gate, leaving it behind.
    • Ismir finds his former wife and her new husband dead, and takes up their two-year-old son (also named Ismir)
    • Aramis is seen “casting spells,” and at one point, Thorondil hears him speak with the voice of Arn Rainaldson
    • Zyanra and her felinoid kin flee with the group, now free of their mistress
  • The city is destroyed just as the Company gets clear of the border of (formerly) ZAD’s domain
  • Other survivors are gathered while Finn recovers
  • Finn creates a portal to the Cave of Winds, where the Company is meant to rejoin Sheik Rashid and the other Fa’iel, taking the hundred-or-so survivors with them; Haruki stays behind to guard Finn who is to cross over last
  • As the group is still crossing over, Ismir leads the company into the cave to find Sheik Rashid being held aloft by the neck by a much-weakened and damaged Atah Keth, completing possession of his body…