The Survivors
  • GM: Rigil Kent
  • Christoph Jäger (FX Engineer)
  • Enfys Loom (Nosh)
  • Jörg Lange (Gigermann)
  • Queen Coppertong (Mel)
  • Sören Roth (Ronnke)

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0x03b: Mutiny and the Beast, Part 2

  • 16:30 – Most of the survivors have their meals and upgrade their rooms. A local gambler joins them and they chat about recent events. Outside, Coppertong and Jörg observe an exchange between some hunters and the innkeeper about the lack of venison, and hear that a “monster” is haunting the area.
  • 17:00 – Jörg enters the inn and says hello to Sister Brigitte who is here with a young noblewoman whose coat-of-arms identifies her as a von Strudeldorf. He then joins the others of his company and they begin gambling with Phillipe. In the process, they speak with Jost Uberlaufer, a representative of House Ruggbroder out of Bögenhafen. Local farmers begin entering the inn, including Hans Swartz, the village elder, who has a mutual antipathy towad Jurgen Horst, the innkeeper.
  • 17:30 – Lord Amadeus von Strudeldorf enters and has a loud, angry argument with his sister. By context, it appears that he expects her to marry one of his friends, but she is going to Altdorf to speak to their father instead. No one wishes to get in the middle of two nobles arguing.
  • 18:00 – A young woman name Heidi enters the inn with a heavy, padlocked box that she claims to contain a small basilisk. Over the next ten or fifteen minutes, she charges people to take a peek, though several of the PCs realize that the whole thing is a scam and Sören attempts to blackmail her. One of the drunk drivers causes the box to get smashed, revealing her deception. Hans and Jurgen issue contrasting punishments, and the town is confused over what to do. The PCs are equally split, though Sören confuses the matter by spending a whole crown to keep everyone intoxicated. Heidi spins a tale of woe that enthralls everyone, then sneaks out when no one is paying attention.
  • 19:00 – Two road wardens arrive, dirty and tired, though one of them thinks he recognizes Sören. The farmers begin returning home. Several of the PCs learn about the “monster” and begin asking about it.
  • 20:00 – There is a disturbance at the village gate and, upon investigation, they discover it is Heidi who reveals she just saw a bunch of goblins to the north and heard a monster! She looks disheveled and terrified. The road wardens declare that they will lead the local militia to investigate tomorrow, but several of the more impulsive PCs urge moving now. The whole group heads out with them.
  • 20:30 – Nearly a mile to the north, they find tracks and the road wardens split up the militia, sending some of them with the PCs and taking the rest in the opposite direction. The PCs lead their group west and discover a rolling goblin siege tower in a forest clearing…

GM Notes:

  • The core elements of this session comes from Cubicle 7’s adventure, “Mutiny and the Beast” taken from Ubersreik Adventures III. Amusing, my F2F group passed through this village when I originally ran “The Guilty Party” from Ubersreik Adventures I which takes PCs from Ubersreik into the 1st part of “Enemy in Shadows” (although this adventure wasn’t out yet.) Since Gigermann is part of the F2F group, I had to change it up a bit.
  • Grognards will recognize both Lady Isolde and Phillipe from the first part of the Enemy Within adventure. I intended to do more with them, but ended up pulling back because we’re 7 episodes in and still haven’t gotten to the actual Enemy Within adventure …