The Rejects (AKA The Dirty Half-Dozen, The Six Wanderers)

Bob Perce (Herodian)
Colt Riffle (Gigermann)
Dr. J. Turk (CommJunkee)
Lance Bennett (Ronnke)
Lenny Leonardo (Melissa)


The One Where They Went to Tenpenny Tower

19 Jul 2162

A day and a half after clearing things up with the schoolhouse “raiders,” the Rejects set out to deal with the “Tenpenny” situation, brought to light by their encounter with the now-deceased Mister Burke a week ago. They had been told that Tenpenny was a former vault overseer that had taken up residence, along with his former-vault-dweller community, in a pre-War hotel high-rise now referred to as Tenpenny Tower; an exclusive and secretive community, not allowing outsiders to join them. The Tower was about five miles to the west, a half-day’s walk—the top of the Tower could be see just over the horizon. The Rejects took along their brahmin, Betty, loaded with their supplies, intending to appear as wasteland traders.

The trip to the tower was briefly interrupted by an encounter with a few feral ghouls, which were gunned down in short order, with little fanfare.

They arrived at the gated entry to the Tower to find a disgruntled ghoul (non-feral) demanding, and being denied entry. Speaking to the ghoul, Roy, afterward, they learned that Tenpenny was screening potential residents and refusing those with “genetic defects” or other contaminants, especially ghouls, but including folks who have lived in the wasteland for any length of time—which means pretty much anyone else. After Roy left, they approached the gate and asked to be admitted; a scanner screened them each for genetic impurity and pronounced them “clean,” and they were allowed inside the gate. Betty was left in the courtyard; Sly elected to remain with the brahmin, as he was feeling unwell (and wearing the now-deceased Mister Burke’s very-fine hat, which might raise some eyebrows if recognized).

They approached the receptionist’s desk and asked for a meeting with Tenpenny, which was eventually granted. They were escorted to Tenpenny’s office at the penthouse; he was out on the balcony with a large sniper rifle, taking the occasional pot-shot at local wildlife below. They learned from him about his genocidal plans for those he deemed impure (everyone not from a Vault); he offered to let them stay in the Tower for 1000 caps per month (an intentionally impossible amount), or for free if they would do a favor or two for him: “take care of” the ghouls living in the Warrington subway system, and/or finish the original job at Megaton, by detonating the bomb. The Rejects said they would consider the offer and return, and were then escorted back down to the lobby where they were allowed to look around.

  • Colt made some small talk with one of the security guys, Gustavo, to get a feel for the employees’ situation at the Tower—turned out the security guys live separate from the other residents, in the Tower basement level
  • Turk tried to talk to the Tower’s doctor but was denied—“Residents only”
  • Turk and Bob talked to some residents at the chow-hall about life in the Tower—some had totally drunk the “master race” Kool-Aid, but some had not

Afterward, the Rejects took their leave of the Tower and returned to Megaton, planning their next moves along the way.


  • Sly’s player was absent for this session