The Rejects (AKA The Dirty Half-Dozen, The Six Wanderers)

Bob Perce (Herodian)
Colt Riffle (Gigermann)
Lance Bennett (Ronnke)
Lenny Leonardo (Melissa)
Romeo Sylvester (Rigil Kent)


The One Where They Took Care of the Ghouls

20 Jul 2162

On the road back to Megaton, the Rejects had discussed a number of ideas about how to resolve the Tenpenny threat to Megaton. Outright assassination—meaning Colt shoots Alistair Tenpenny off his balcony from 1000 yards away—was the easiest solution, but would leave a power-vacuum that would have to be managed; too many unknown variables, without being able to spend time to get to know the players inside the Tower. The better solution, which they ultimately agreed upon, was to infiltrate the Tower and turn the citizens against Tenpenny, and then banish him (after which, his death might still occur, as needed). They would attempt to set up Sly to replace Tenpenny, though if another ended up in charge, if no better, he could be similarly managed. Before that could occur, though, they had to gain admittance to the Tower, and that required some distasteful service—blowing up Megaton or killing off the nearby ghoul community. Either would be faked, of course; “eliminating” the ghouls would be easier than faking a nuke, but would require their cooperation.

The night the Rejects arrived back at town, they went to Moira’s shop to see what sort of explosives she had available: turned out to be not a lot; faking a nuke would be pretty much out of the question. So, they decided to make straight for Warrington Station in the morning, and talk to Roy there, hoping to get them to cooperate, for their own sakes.

The trip back out to Warrington was uneventful. It was an abandoned subway station, now occupied by a small survivor-community of ghouls, including women and children. The Rejects approached openly, Sly taking the lead, and asked to see Roy (whom they had met at the Tower gate the day before). Roy came out to talk to them, and Sly held nothing back, admitting that Tenpenny had sent them to kill his people, but had a rather different plan in mind, that would end in the ghouls being admitted to the Tower, under a new administration. Roy invited the Reject inside the tunnels, and they sat down and discussed the possibilities further. Roy knew of a secret way into the Tower where they could sneak in and kill their way up to the top, but the Rejects insisted nobody needed to die. Instead, they suggested Roy and the ghoul community vacate Warrington, in full view of the Tower, so it could be claimed that they had agreed to move on, never to return; when the coup had taken place, a signal would be given for the ghouls to return safely. Roy would rather have killed his way in, but he saw the merits of the Rejects’ plan, and agreed, saying his people would need two days to gather everything up and move out. Hands were shaken.

For show, the Rejects made camp at the top of a hill overlooking the station, to observe the ghouls’ progress at packing-up. Meanwhile, Sly and Lenny went back to the Tower to let Tenpenny know of their “success.” Tenpenny received the news with little enthusiasm that the Rejects had not quite taken his hint—he clearly wanted the ghouls dead—but gone would be good enough. Before leaving, Sly took the opportunity to speak with Tenpenny alone, and suggested to him that Megaton had a spy inside the Tower, who outed Mister Burke to the town, resulting in his death at the Sheriff’s hands. The revelation visibly troubled Tenpenny, who muttered to himself how he might discover the spy, before dismissing Sly to get back to his mission.

He ordered a couple of Tower security officers to go along to keep watch over the station (just to be certain), and sent them on their way; Gustavo, with whom Colt had developed a rapport the day before, and the trigger-happy, drunk-on-the-Kool-Aid “William Jones” went along back to the camp and took up shifts on the watch (though the Rejects took care the two were never the only ones on watch).


  • Turk’s player was absent for this session