The Rejects (AKA The Dirty Half-Dozen, The Six Wanderers)

Bob Perce (Herodian)
Colt Riffle (Gigermann)
Lance Bennett (Ronnke)
Lenny Leonardo (Melissa)
Romeo Sylvester (Rigil Kent)


The One Where They Moved Into the Tower

21 Jul 2162

The Rejects watched over Warrington Station for the expected two days, on regular watch shifts that included the two security guys from the Tower. They learned as much as they could about the security situation, and that Gustavo wasn’t quite on-board with Tenpenny’s genocide plans; Sly started planting the “Doesn’t Tenpenny look tired?” earwig. When they could get out of earshot of the security guys, Lance confided a plan of his to create some listening-devices to be “discovered” around the Tower, to water the seed of paranoia Sly had planted. On the evening of Day 2, under cover of darkness, the ghoul community moved out en masse as expected. Later, they all went down to the station to confirm that none were left behind. Satisfied, they all returned to Tenpenny Tower to declare the mission a success.

The Rejects were given room keys; bunked two to a room. After settling in with their gear, they ended up in the local bar. Sly chatted up the receptionist, and ended up spending the night at her place. Lance hit the buffet, and discovered a bit late that it wasn’t “free.”

In the morning, they were all summoned to the penthouse to meet with Tenpenny. He was annoyed that the ghouls hadn’t been killed, but conceded the mission had been accomplished anyway, and welcomed them into his service. Lance was cleared to work with the Mr. Handy robots, the only “maintenance department” in the Tower. Bob would take a custodial job. Turk was finally allowed to talk to the doctor. Colt and Lenny would be assigned to the security team. Tenpenny spoke to Sly privately, and confided that he had his own suspicions who the Megaton mole might be, and sought Sly’s assurance that his people would be prepared to “take care of it” when the time came; Sly pledged to help in whatever way they could. Colt was to keep tabs on Dashwood, the head of security, and report back to Sly openly, who would report directly back to Tenpenny under-the-table.

  • Colt and Lenny went to join security the next day, and met with Dashwood; they learned of his relationship with Tenpenny, going back to their days in the Vault—Dashwood wanted to be in charge, even back then, though the two were still friendly to each other—and the two were assigned to gate-guard that evening
  • Colt made a show of reporting back to Sly, making sure Sly looked to be “in charge”
  • Lance and Bob headed down to the robot bay, and looked over the service-order backlog; Lance started hatching a plan to reprogram the robots for his purposes, while Bob explored a bit, and found a very-old dumbwaiter shaft he could potentially use to hide his illicit activities
  • Turk hung out with the doctor, learning about the local medical issues
  • Sly hung out with Rachel at the reception desk, with a dual-purpose mission to further their relationship, but also to listen to tenant problems, which are reported to her—he would slip in and offer solutions, getting Lance working on those old, nagging maintenance issues, and solving administrative or personal issues himself—and in so doing, by force of his personality and ideal placement, began subtly taking over as building manager, the tenants’ go-to guy for all manner of problem-solving


  • Turk’s player was absent for this session