Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein the company is confronted by a trapped djinn…

  • After the scouts reported no activity in Dulihiban, only the “glass statues,” the company entered the city to see what they could find.
  • They encountered a (not-glass) man calling himself al-Nur, sultan of this city, who asked for assistance releasing his “friend” from the treasury.
  • At the treasury, in a ruined tower of the city palace, the man revealed himself to be a djinn and prevented the company from leaving the chamber, cloaking them in magical darkness and provoking them to attack. Aramis was accidentally stabbed by Ismir in the darkness. Thorondil accused the sultan of being a bad host, and after a more-pleasant parley, agreed to free him from his prison, a man-sized crystal like those encountered in Yaqut min Alraml, in exchange for their release. After doing so, the tower collapsed.
  • At camp, Thorondil relented, and used Smil-Blam on Gestlin, though it turned him instead into a turtle.
  • The company traveled on to the Citadel of Ten-Thousand Pearls, to the border of the lands of Zat al-Dawahi, where they were stopped by a flash of bright light…