Dramatis Personæ

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Wherein the company is set upon by gnolls…

  • On the way to the City of Ten Thousand Delights, as the Company camps for the night, they are ambushed, caught unarmored, by a band of gnolls led by Heroc, the minotaur Zistral fought at the Kelmarane Battle-Market, bent on revenge. Battle ensues, and the gnolls are no pushovers.
  • Again, a one-eyed eyeless Yuan-Ti (now pale, and stinking of death) sprang out of ambush to attack Aramis. Again, Aramis spit the creature’s skull on his sword. The creature dissipated into mist and floated away with the wind.
  • Ismir caught an unlucky blow and was greatly wounded, though he managed to spear his attacker before he could execute a coup de grace.
  • Zyanra fought off two gnolls on her own, but was wounded before Thorondil could come to her rescue.
  • Haruki took a blow from the minotaur’s axe that would have killed a lesser man, before smashing its skull with his testubo.
  • The loss of their leader broke the gnolls’ spirit, and a few managed to flee.