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FRIDAY, 11TH MAY, 2057

11°C | 51°F
Cloudy, Rain
Wind: SW at 7.9 mph
Humidity: 55%


15°C | 59°F
Mostly cloudy
S at 5.5 mph

First One-Shot:
Featuring: Gustav, Ditch, Switch, Reggie, Spark

  • Approached by Mr. Johnson, at The Pit, w/ job to rescue Yakuza-guy’s daughter from kidnapper(s)

Campaign, First Run:
Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm (+Vapor); Cameo: Gustav

  • Called up by Claudia & assembled for meeting at shooting range; meeting arranged w/ Herr Johnson
  • Met Herr Johnson at rental storage facility. A previous team of runners was hired by Herr Johnson to place a snooping device on a rival’s (Bosch-Klein) corporate network, but failed to extricate themselves smoothly, resulting in one team-member’s death, another’s incarceration by corporate authorities, with the remainder in hiding. Offered mission to erase evidence of the operation, and bring back the team members (dead or alive); mission accepted.
  • Gustav hired by the team to hack into Bosch-Klein via the “Arthur” backdoor, locate targets in custody, and erase documentary evidence of the operation; targets located.
  • Vapor rented getaway vehicle
  • Hit delivery truck carrying deceased target, Creep, to Saeder-Krupp for arcane interrogation en route, at intersection. Transferred target & gear to rented vehicle and torched company van.
  • Short on time & ordered by Herr Johnson to only return with all targets. Contacted Gustav, & arranged with his police contact to have incarcerated target, Gutter, picked up by the team 30min prior to scheduled release, with some appropriate palm-greasing.
  • Picked up Gutter at corporate security station. In progress, spotted by security officers, who pursued in security vehicles; managed to evade pursuers, after a brief chase.
  • Directed to Glowboy’s apartment by Gutter. Ambushed by bounty hunter team in apartment; defeated all but one who was operating remotely. Liberated Glowboy’s daughter.
  • Guided to safe-house by Glowboy’s daughter; remaining team located there. Discussed plan of action; safe-house determined to be compromised.
  • Ambushed again by bounty hunter team, in alleyway; fought back, using rented vehicle and targets’ vehicle as cover, & defeated all.
  • Immediately returned recovered targets to storage facility, & Herr Johnson. Got paid.

12-Oct-2173 (04:13:51)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0424), LAKISHA


11°C | 52°F
Mostly cloudy, Rain
NW at 8.8 mph

09-Sep-2173 (14:36:15)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0524), IRASHDAA

07-Sep-2173 (02:12:55)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0524), IRASHDAA

06-Sep-2173 (11:22:45)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0524), IRASHDAA

Even with the arrests of the alleged conspirators by local authorities, we still halfway expected to see a last-ditch effort to destroy the Monarch. I ordered the full security team to maintain a constant patrol of the ship’s immediate vicinity on the tarmac, in full battle dress, for the remaining duration of the loading operation and liftoff preparations. I instructed the team to report possible threats and await clearance before engaging except in immediate danger. Our expectations were that whatever attempt might be made would be lightly armed, with local inferior weaponry—most likely limited to small-arms and satchel-charges.

At <22:38> local time, after dark, there was a large explosion somewhere in town, and local authorities were busy responding. We believed this to be an attempt to divert the authorities from the port area to take attention from an attack, and so, we were expecting trouble. Shortly afterward, the team identified three potential hostiles moving along the roof of the airport concourse some 30m to the ship’s south, one of which appeared to be armed with a light, man-portable, anti-tank rocket of some kind; the hostiles were observed spreading out along the concourse roof and lying prone, in preparation for what was believed to be an ambush attempt. All crewmen and dockworkers were ordered into the ship, and I ordered the security team to take up cover-positions behind the remaining cargo containers just outside the ship’s ramp; XO Matthews joined the security team behind the containers. Shortly afterward, three more potential hostiles were spotted to the north, rappelling down from a warehouse roof to the tarmac around 40-50m north-west of the ship, in a flanking position. We suspected that they believed themselves to be hidden in the darkness, unaware that each of the crewmen present had night-vision capability as a standard feature of most environment suit helmets. I ordered Crewman Reid to the roof of the ship, to get a better view of the hostiles to the south, as they were no longer visible to those of us on the ground, due to their prone position. ChEng Adler followed Crewman Reid, also taking up position on the roof. The hostiles remained in place, waiting, and I contacted Cpt Brierfield for orders; Cpt Brierfield advised the team to hold fire unless fired upon. After some moments waiting for the hostiles to make a move, XO Mathews grew concerned, and again, asked Cpt Brierfield for clearance to engage the hostiles, at which point the Captain agreed, and I relayed the order to engage at will. Some moments later, the hostiles emerged from cover, and were immediately engaged by the security team. Crewman Reid and ChEng Adler engaged the hostiles on the southern concourse, while those on the ground primarily engaged the hostiles to the north, who had taken cover behind some nearby machinery. The firefight was over in seconds, resulting in 100% casualties to the ambushing force, with no injuries incurred by the security team, nor damage to the ship.

Although the attack occurred pretty much as expected, I must confess that I had let down my guard a little, and as such, could have been somewhat better prepared for action. Had the enemy been better equipped, the situation might have gone differently. In any case, in spite of the improvised nature of the situation, the crew performed their duties as expected. The only incident of note was that Crewman Prudhomme charged off in solo pursuit of the only hostile to attempt to flee, returning with telltale scratching and pitting on his face-plate and torso armor that seemed to indicate a general lack of “respect” for the hostiles’ capabilities that could have ended disastrously, had they been better equipped or more lucky. Other than the customary verbal reprimand of Crewman Prudhomme, I can think of no way to improve upon the crew’s general performance during the action, or the end results.



Emerald Monarch emerged from jump on target (+/-1km) in Shikasu system at <time><date>

Began plotting course for mainworld.  Five minutes later, sensors alarmed a radiation burst.  Identified source of burst as sensor contact: 2kton branch freighter at <range><bearing>

Comms reported a distress call specifying catastrophic engine failure.  I verified by sensors that the call came from the same branch freighter.

Captain responded to the distress call, I laid in course to the freighter.  Target was ballistic on a non-contacting course consistent with having performed no course changes since emerging from inbound jump.  Emerald Monarch matched vectors with target.

Close sensor and visual sweep showed massive damage, debris, and casualties.  No evidence of power to the vessel.  Engineering reported damage appeared consistent with catastrophic reactor failure.  Positively identified vessel as belonging to a powerful vilani trading company <library link to company data>

Captain sent section chiefs for a closer look in the air/raft to report feasibility of a rescue attempt.  Engineer confident that a rescue attempt can be made safely, so we proceeded to board at a fore airlock.  Made contact with surviving crew members and brought them on board the Emerald Monarch as their emergency life support was nearly exhausted.

Ships from the mainworld arrived in a few hours and relieved Emerald Monarch of the vessel’s survivors.  Captain provided Emerald Monarch’s sensors logs to the owning company’s responding ship, at the suggestion of Mr. Adler.  Representative of the owning company expressed gratitude.

Performance of all personnel was without flaw, but I would like to specifically mention exemplary contributions of the boarding party <list names>, the doctor, and comms, who each executed their duties with uncommon skill and vigor.

Emerald Monarch proceeded to mainworld, docked, and began 5 day ground cycle.

Scheduled bridge crew leave.  Sought freight and speculative cargo opportunities for our next leg. <list of possible cargoes with per ton profit analysis attached>

Received a meeting request for the captain and set up the meeting per his instructions.  Meeting was with the owners of the ship we assisted.  Captain received and shrewdly seized upon an opportunity to run what seems to be a very lucrative route for a few months while repairs are made to that ship.