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An entire section of Auditore’s journal has been lost – experts believe it to be up to four weeks of entries destroyed – and when he resumes, Auditore instead focuses on sword lessons as opposed to the day-to-day activities, which modern historians argue show his mindset regarding Auditore’s first student, identified elsewhere by the name Auqui. Curiously, Auditore utilizes a different type of speaking, perhaps an indication that he is plagarizing older sources or is attempting to sound more professional.

First of all we are to know that the Rapier is divided into two parts, namely into the Prime and the Secunde.

The Prime is measured from the Hilt to the midst of the Rapier, and being the strongest part, is consequently to be made only use of in putting by thrusts or blows.

The Secunde is taken from the midst of the Rapier to the point, and being the weakest of the Rapier is therefore only to be used in offending or making of thrusts.

As for the posture or the carriage of the body and for making of  thrusts at thine adversary, observe these rules following.

Thy Rapier thou must hold with a bended arm, so that the point of thy Rapier be lineally answerable to thine elbow.

Thy left hand thou art to hold over thy left eye to put by a sudden thrust withal which by chance at either of thine eyes might be directed.

Thou art only to show thy right side, yet if thou dost consider with theyself, then wilt thou find it only advantageous to thee when thou standest upon thy defense, for it will be something hard for thine adversary to hit thee I must needs confess, but if thou meanest to offend thine adversary it is a small advantage or none at all, for first of all, thy thrust thou canst not make with such a force when thou standest altogether with a half body, as when thou showest something of they breast, and then besides, when thou makest a thrust at thine adversary stepping forwards with thy right leg towards him thou comest to stand with a half body, and then if he did aim at that part of thy breast which thou didst show he will miss it, if thou dost but thrust at the selfsame instant his thrust approacheth, therefore every discreet Teacher and judicious Master ought to leave that free to his Scholars, being that it is a thing of no great moment.

Thy left leg must be something bended, and thy right leg too, but not altogether so much as thy left leg, upon which all the weight of thy body must lie.

Thy feet they must be placed not very far from one another, that thou mayst make a long thrust upon any occasion, and they must be placed like a great Roman L upwards, or an turned backward, just as in dancing, that thou mayst have the greater strength in thy left thigh to recall thy body suddenly when thou hast performed they thrust.

When thou wilt make a thrust, then reach out thy right arm, and step forward with thy right foot and let them both go together at one and the selfsame time and when thou steppest forward with thy right foot, but do not stir thy left foot; the weight of thy body must wholly lie upon thy right thigh, as soon as thou hast performed thy thrust, instantly recall thy body again, so that the weight of thy body come to rest upon they left thigh again (as it did before thou made thy thrust) not recalling thy right leg, with which thou didst formerly step forwards, but, in the meanwhile thou bindest him after thy thrust remove by little and little thy left leg towards thy right leg, for thus doing thou canst thrust home at thine adversary again as soon as thou hast occasion.

Thy thrust thou must make close to thine adversary’s Rapier, as if thou wouldest strike fire out of his weapon, which if thou dost not do, you will both be hurt if neither of you have skill; if one of you have but skill, and knoweth to observe this then he only will be endangered that doth not thrust close to his adversary’s Rapier.

Yet this is not all, but thou must likewise thust close to the Secunde or weakest part of the Rapier, with they Prime or strongest part of thy Rapier, for if thou canst do that, he cannot put thee by.

When thou dost thrust at thine adversary without, over his right arm, thou must do it with aSecunde. When thou makest a thrust at thine adversary within, thou art to do it with a Quarte.

Even when thou hast made a thrust at thine adversary, stringere him on the same side thou didst thrust, in the recalling of thy body, not removing thy point from his; for else he may wound thee too upon thy coming off.

As with so many of Auditore’s entries, this one is heavily damaged and difficult to read. His focus on one of the native children as a potential student lends credence to the oft-stated theory that Auditore would later become the “Old Man in the Mountain” who headed the Order of Assassins that caused so much trouble in the 2020s.

balance is impeccable though that does not surprise as he is an expert boatman and from what little I know about sailors, balance is very important. The language barrier remains an issue – how do you tell someone that their elbow is crooked when you have no words in common? – and the way his father watches me, I doubt not that the older man disapproves. More the fool he for this is a dangerous time and a boy knowing how to slay would be a great boon.

I am also ignorant of the boy’s dedication so I hesitate to give him more than rudiments. He mastered Cat Crosses the Courtyard quickly enough though I fear that poster is oft mistaken as arrogant by those untrained. I was tempted to push him – could he comprehend the nuances of Parting the Silk or Black Pebbles on Snow? Should I bother showing him Cutting the Clouds?

Tomorrow I mean to seek out Malcolm and learn how long he means to stay here. It is only logical to remain for a time, to perhaps learn enough of the tongue to be able to communicate with others, before we seek our way back to Yrth. I know not this young lordling of Wallace well enough to guess at his thoughts – a wise man would stay in place until his footing is sure but the men of Caithness are sadly oft not spoken of in the same breath as wise.

The entry appears to go on for some time further but most of the remaining text is obscured beyond comprehension. There are a number of words that have survived – blade is repeated at least ten times and blood twice but without any context, historians hesitate to speculate.

This entry is, like many of Auditore’s entries, only partially complete, but it unique due to a surprisingly skilled representation of a beast. There is a reference to a previous journal entry, presumably written a day earlier, following the incident with the two Controllers, but that entry has been rendered illegible from both age and damage. Equally distressing is the loss of several other images of Otherworldly beasts

how to record the day? Even before we came to this Otherworld, I had lost track of the day though that is no surprise. Mother often accused me of not paying adequate attention to the passing of the calendar and I fear I have become no better as I aged.

But I digress and my mind wanders.

The village set out early, leaving behind only what could not be carried or stored in the carts or the boat. The people, these Huallpa, are resilient, though we travel far more slowly than I would like. In their own way, they are beautiful and my eye is oft drawn to the ridges upon their noses. Though they are crude and cannot capture the true likeness of the Huallpa, I follow in Talon’s example and put charcoal to page to capture their likenesses and that of their local beasts of burden.

Below this are several faded images, all but the following lost to time. Presumably, Auditore sketched several of the Huallpa, but this is the only such image that appears to have survived.


Auditore’s next entry picks up sometime later.

Our path takes us higher, which slows the Huallpa even more. The old tire quickly and even their young are unaccustomed to extended marches.

We offered to scout ahead to find alternate routes through the ridges, leaving Lord Wallace, Radskyrta and Talon to watch over the Huallpa as they rested.

‘Ere long, we stumbled upon a nest of creatures unlike any I have ever seen. My father’s blade sang true and my refocus on the old lessons bore fruit. Nigh singlehanded, I felled one of the beasts whilst Rainald and Dane combined to slay the second. Afterward, while my companions and the Huallpa butchered the beasts, I once more put ink to page.


The beasts were a strange form of bird-lizard that towered over us as a war-destrier stands over a sheep-dog. Its skin was tough, but unarmored. The paws have wide, flat digits that provide it with sure grip on difficult surfaces. Viracocha named these beasts in his native tongue but I have no ear for languages and cannot reproduce the sound of his words in Anglish or Latin.

The eggs left behind by these creatures we destroyed as Viracocha said these beasts were greatly feared.

A celebration of sorts is planned and I mean to enjoy myself. Tomorrow I shall offer to instruct the Huallpa in swordplay – few of them are mighty enough to fight as Rainald does and my teachings are better suited to them, I think.


Magnifico the Clown, 2005

Lord Wallace’s men on the road again, by the light of a double moon,
Had a brush with death.  If I have the breath I’ll sing you a battle tune.

While marching along they could do no wrong in a land that was far from home,
Then a dragon fierce with a cry that pierced put a stop to that cheerful roam.

The Hammer o’ the North was first to come forth with a hideous rain o’ blows,
While Soldier Dane, a mighty swain, a feather’d arrow chose

The holy monk from the battle shrunk, he being a man of peace.
We crept away with our faces gray from the rage o’ that fearsome beast.

We were just about free, but from over the scree came the groom to the monster bride
With a roar like a bear that’d curl your hair–and us with no place to hide!

Rainald was quick to wield his pick like to pry the mother apart
And Dang’rous Dane he found a vein as he shot toward its heart.

When Gabe in white slipped out o’ sight to face the mate alone
‘Twas all I could do to count some coup by throwin’ a handy stone.

That got it mad, but Gabe was bad, more so than the hell-sent fiend,
And a cut to its chest left the thing hard-pressed, and t’ward the ground it leaned.

The she-worm curs’d had a pow’rful thirst for a shot o’ Northern juice
She swallowed him up and would-a supped ’til Rainald, he cut loose.

The hammer red upside her head made her release that bite,
Beside ol’ Dane the Dragon’s Bane, Rainald wrapped up the fight.

They tore on through, and we all knew they’d saved the day once more.
With Gabe on our side, the creatures died; we gave ’em all what-for.

I learned today to run and pray when a beastie gives you shakes,
But the might of men in a monster’s den still gets you dragon steaks!

One of the few wholely intact journal entries from Auditore’s lost writings, this section has been poured over by experts intent on peeling away the truth regarding the war with the V’Saa.

Fog shrouded morning. It could almost deceive one into thinking this place was somewhere on Yrth – an oasis butted up against the Great Desert, perhaps, or an inlet between al-Haz and the Djinn Lands. But to do so would be the greatest form of deception, that of lying to the self.

The sun burned the fog away and we proceeded down the river toward the boat we saw the day before. As we drew closer, a boy was revealed to us. If we needed any further proof this was Yrth, the … ridges on the lad’s nose was more than enough. He fled from us, as if we demons given form. His trail carried us to a cliffside village – the structures were no different from what would be found in Caithness – and a greeting party of peasants armed with farming tools rushed to greet us. Lord Wallace elected to send forward Magnifico to act as our voice …

Magnifico. What to say of him? A clown he may be, but he is no fool. Though I know nothing of his past, he has displayed surprising aptitude in knowing what to say and when. It is an impressive skill, being able to change a potential enemy into a friend with only words. My brother possessed this talent, though he and Magnifico could not be more different, in both appearance and temperment.

The attempted diplomacy seemed to go well – Mendel joined during it at Magnifico’s request – until a newcomer arrived. Shirtless, he was unmistakably shackled, with the same kind of creature that had controlled the baron of Ferrier. The peasants knelt at once but the host looked at our diplomats and reacted with visible fear.

Again, my recollection of the events that followed are sketchy. I recall already being in motion when the shackled man appeared – the old training, to stay low, to stay hidden, to stay unobtrusive, kept me from sight – but by the time I reached the man, he was already facedown, a trio of arrows from Dane and Talon protruding from the creature’s carapace. With Mendel’s assistance, I pried the creature free from the man – he began convulsing and Magnifico announced that the creature was seeking to kill the Host. Again, the archers’ aim was true when I tossed the creature aside.

We were rushed into a building by the peasants and another newcomer joined us. This one began making the hand motions that I recognized from the Alphas – and a few moments later, he spoke Anglish. He introduced himself as Viracocha. The insectoid creatures we learned are called V’Saa and they had previously invaded this world where they subjugated the inhabitants, Huallpa. Viracocha expressed great fear that the second shackled – called a Controller – would alert the V’Saa “hive” (which is, according to Viracocha, controlled by a Queen) and they would send reinforcements. After discussion, it was decided that we would neutralize her. My companions urged a direct assault despite my desire to act in a more circumspect manner – Viracocha weaved a portal through which we leapt through, startling the shackled woman within. I was again less than effective – it fell to Rainald and the archers to slay the Controller without harming the Host. Thrice in as many skirmishes, I have been of no aid to my companions and in fact have become a hindrance.

I have lost focus in my wanderings, allowed myself to forget the most basic teachings that my father instilled upon me. My sword must once more become an extension of my self, of my will, of my goals. All men are made of water, my father once told me. If you pierce them, the water leaks out and they die. I must once more become the water dancer I was long ago. My balance must be restored, both inward and outward, and I must feed my emotions into the flames of concentration. Anger, fear, they must be set aside so I may focus on what must be done.

The wind beckons, and I must bend before it.

Viracocha intends to secret his people away from this place and we have agreed to escort them. There is much to learn, much to do, much to be.

More water damage has obscured many of the entries beyond, including the one that modern scholars have spent the most time attempting to reconstruct – the encounter in Ferrier Keep that was later referenced in several other places by second or thirdhand reporters, but has never been fully described by any with firsthand knowledge. The damage to Auditore’s journal is not unexpected, given how the intact pages begin.

filthy sewers. Scouted forward with Dane & Talon. Stumbled upon Red Soldier, but the two felled him quickly. At Lord Wallace’s instruction [Editor Note: This reference is to Malcolm I, who is recorded as to having traveled with a man known only as Whitecloak; this is generally believed to be Gabriel Auditore and this historical document is confirmation of this theory], we pressed on where we entered a wide section of the tunnels. My memory here is sketchy, though I recall another of the Red Soldiers appearing and I springing forward to delay him so as to protect the archers. The skirmish passed quickly, even though more Reds appeared, and my contribution was negligible. One of the Reds fell to my blade and Talon’s arrows and I recall hearing Rainald’s warcry moments before a Leader emerged from the darkness, but a second of the monsters won through my defenses and thrust his weapon into my body. Had it not been for Brother Mendel and the Lord, I fear I would have fallen.

I woke elsewhere, in a shadowed room that my compatriots said was reached via hole in the sewer floor magically erected by the Leader before he was slain. My grievous injury was mostly healed, though they burned and I fear infection. Roughly chiseled stone stairs beckoned and, once we were rested, we stepped toward them.

Emerged from the room and into an alien vista. Architecture is completely foreign, with scribbles that could be writing though none I have seen. Upon looking back we discovered it to be little more than a doorway in the rock.

The sight we beheld was both terrifying and magnificent: Two moons hung low in the sky that was otherwise normal in appearance. A great canyon, with trees that look to be upside-down, with branches growing into the ground rather than upward toward the sky, stretched out before us. The foliage was unfamiliar – the leaves I’ve never seen, nor has Dane or Talon. A great river cut through the canyon, and in the far distance was a boat, which we set out toward. Bro. Mendel & Magnifico exclaimed over “restored mana levels” though I knew not what they meant. Experienced a lightness of step that I had never before felt.

Near dusk, Dane & Talon kill a blue, four-legged beast that tastes funny. We camp now, and mean to press on upon the morrow.

Sleep beckons now, though my wound burns. I pray that this land is not an eternal Purgatory.

Dane in desert garb












1978- Dane is born at Castle Defiant; his family had fought in the Orcs Wars and has decided to stay with Lord Jerrik at Castle Defiant.
1985- People of Castle Defiant start disappearing; Orcs are seen outside the Castle wall. Dane is given a bow at a young age and is taught how to shoot from the high walls.
1994- Dane leaves with Lord Kerin to seek out help for Castle Defiant. Dane is sent to Wallace to ask for help with the incoming refugees from Defiant. Lord Wallace grants refuge for anyone in need. Castle Defiant falls to the Orcs
1996- Dane becomes a soldier in Lord Wallace’s army and quickly falls in ranks with the archers.
1998- Dane starts to train as a scout and is asked to watch the western dessert for any Orc movements
2000- Dane starts hearing rumors about missing miners at the mines. With mounting tension growing with King Conall and the Royalists; Dane is asked to stay close to Wallace in case defense is of the Castle is needed.
2005- Present* Dane is sent back out to the desert under the command of Captain Brontus and has been tracking the cause of the missing miners and has been given an order by Lord Wallace to find out everything he can, and by any means he can as to what is causing the trouble at the mines.

Recently Dane has received new order. He has been tasked with finding a group of people that have had contact with what is believed to be causing the disappearances in the desert. This is very intriguing to Dane and he is eager to find out what they have learned.

Name: Dane Sardock
Race: Human

One man was fatally shot in a fight that broke out about 11:00 p.m. Saturday in the 4100 block of Southwest Forty-First Street in Seattle.

The victim was apparently part of a chaotic crowd that had emptied from a nearby nightclub, according to Lone Star Security forces.

The gunshot victim, who was not identified, was shot in the head. He was pronounced dead on arrival. No other casualties were reported, although bullet holes on the club have been tentatively identified as coming from a submachine gun of unknown manufacture. No such weapon has been discovered in the area.

Police said witnesses “were less than forthcoming with investigating officers.” Details of the shooting remain under investigation.

Update: Sources inside Lone Star have indicated that this killing is now suspected to be a robbery gone wrong, as the victim’s personal belongings were stripped from his body by an unknown person or persons, possibly the shooter.

Investigating officials have confirmed that all CCTV units in the area were offline prior to the incident so no recordings of the firefight exist.

Anyone with information regarding this shooting is encouraged to contact Lone Star.


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