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By C.Kent ckent@seattletimes.com

Seattle law enforcement dismissed rumors flying around Saturday afternoon that two people had been taken into custody and charged in the brutal killing of Jackson Rollo at a local Park.

“We are interviewing people right now, but no arrests have been made,” Lt. Pat Crowe said. “We’ve got some leads that appear pretty promising. But there’s still a lot of leg work left to do.”

No suspects have been named yet in connection with the killing. Seattle Lone Star Chief Carlos Mestas said evidence at this point indicates that the person responsible was not someone Rollo knew. This also supports the theory that he fell victim to a carjacking gone bad.

Rollo, an executive with Aztech, was killed sometime Thursday night or Friday morning at Convenient Park. He was found with his throat slit and his body left bleeding near the roadway on Friday morning.

Police have not yet recovered Rollo’s missing car, calling it a necessary breakthrough in the search for the Seattle man’s killer.

Chief Mestas described the 2056 Audi A10 as a “key piece of evidence” in the ongoing investigation.

“Locating the vehicle is very important and will led to some great leads,” Mestas said. “We will be working throughout the night to find the people responsible.”

Read Saturday’s Sentinel for complete details.

Several pages from this journal have been destroyed by water damage and are illegible. It resumes in mid-sentence, with no indication of the date or the context although modern researchers have narrowed the date down to one of three in the year 2005 based on the reference to a sandstorm that wiped out Bordertown.

-damage is beyond the scope of anything I have witnessed before. Entire buildings have vanished, swallowed up by the sands, and the locals wandered the streets with wide, terrified eyes. Mendel did what he could to succor them though it was for naught as a small band of riders entered led by a captain named Benwell. They bore a strange story, of being overwhelmed by great insects in the desert commanded by a magic-using devilspawn. Their injuries were dire and the fear in their eyes too clear to be a lie and it was decided to abandon Bordertown, to retreat to Wallace. Our aid in convincing the citzenry was needed but we knew it would not be enough – the Enemy was too close and would reach the outskirts before the commonfolk could flee. A plan was agreed upon: we would remain behind with the Thunder to hold off the creatures and sell ourselves to save who could escape. I thought it a good plan, one worthy of us, and volunteered to scout our foes.

Atop Cometes I rode forth into the desert, skirting the escarpments and staying out of sight. The Enemy approached on swift legs, marching with military precision. Tall they were, a hand and a half greater than even Rainald, and dark scarlet in color, with broad wings and long glaives. Their captain floated at their back though he was gray and seemed to have no wings. None looked like the two creatures we fought in the desert. I counted eighteen of the red ones, though another pair came was revealed to me when I sought to return to the town. Neither of these scouts saw my passage.

In Bordertown I reported to Benwell. Thunder he may be but I thought him to be timid and unmanned by his flight from the creatures so it was to Rainald that I deferred to in terms of military strategy. It was decided that our band would move forward and ambush the scouts in the hopes that it would slow the full force. One of the Thunder accompanied us, a boy by the name of Radskyrta.

The ambush was successful though it was a close thing. I struck from concealment at one of the red creatures, but its hide turned my father’s sword aside and it grasped me with strong arms. God was with me as I was able to plunge a dagger into the beast’s eye, felling it. The other Rainald and Radskyrta charged, but they were laden down with mail so I was able to reach it before they much to my detriment as its glaive cut deeply into my flesh. It felled Radskyrta and Mendel disarmed it with a grace I had not expected from such a portly priest. Rainald then smote it with a blow the slew it outright. Again Mendel proved his worth by recalling Radskyrta from the brink of death and washing away my injuries with magic. Truly, God is good.

Back to Bordertown we went where Benwell declared his intent to abandon our charge and follow the commoners to Wallace. Again we volunteered to remain upon the flank to observe and ensure that the foul creatures would take no more lives. I suspect that our bravery surprised Benwell – for were we not mere mercenaries? – but it served a valuable purpose. The creatures entered Bordertown and ransacked it, seemingly searching for victims. Their foul leader then wove some great magicks that caused many fires before creating some sort of portal that the beasts used to depart. I rode to Benwell to advise him of this, then returned to my companions and suggested we retrieve the bodies of the two we slew for further study.

Night began to fall before we could reach Wallace so it was decided we would set camp and finish our journey upon the morrow. And what will that day bring us I cannot help but to wonder…


13°C | 56°F
Wind: S at 9 mph
Humidity: 76%


17°C | 63°F
Wind: NW at 4 mph
Humidity: 59%

Name: Richard B. Resnick
Aliases: Ditch
Sub-Species: Human
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Height: 5′ 11″
Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: N/A
Eyes: Unknown
Skin: Caucasian
Distinguishing Marks: Unknown
Psychological Profile: Undetermined
Date of Birth: Unknown
Place of Birth: Seattle, UCAS
Parents: Unknown (Orphaned)
Education: Basic
Basic History:

  • Orphan; dumped in trash bin at birth, found
  • Raised in foster homes, in Seattle, during early childhood; lived mostly on the street and/or juvenile corrections facilities (mostly for B&E) by adolescence; discovered gift for free-running
  • Got hired on w/ [Company] at ground-floor job; learned how corrupt the company was; tried to speak out & got thrown under the bus, & sent to prison for it
  • Escaped prison after three years; shot two guards in the process
  • Over several years, killed a number of bounty-hunters trying to bring him back in. Returned to prison a few times, but escaped each time.
  • Joined merc/shadowrunning outfit doing corporate espionage work. Got chromed sometime in this period
  • Entire merc outfit wiped out on mission, Ditch the only survivor. Johnson presumed he had killed the team, and handed him over to bounty-hunters ([Johns]), to be imprisoned again. Escaped capture, nearly killing [Johns] in the process.
  • Caught by [Johns] again. Transport crashed in [dangerous wilderness area] while en route to prison facility; befriended [Jack/Kyra] during the ordeal. Survived [creature] attacks, & escaped back to Seattle w/ [Jack/Kyra], [Imam]
  • After a few years of laying low, started taking freelance running jobs again

The blatant ripoff of “Riddick” is purely intentional—I always wanted to play Riddick sometime, and this campaign was a perfect fit. The character had to be watered down, somewhat, from the movie representation, due to the point-level of the campaign—part of the reason for the re-name.


20°C | 68°F
Partly Cloudy
Wind: NNW at 6 mph
Humidity: 64%

Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm, Vapor, Rosco (+Kipper)

  • Called up by Claudia to meet at Reno’s; bought dinner, offered job on behalf of Artemus. Team left for job immediately after dinner.
  • Went to Artemus’s high-class residence, noticed strict security measures; greeted by illusory butler.
  • Met with Artemus, told of niece, Jennifer’s, unexpected disappearance, tasked to retrieve her. Allowed to inspect niece’s room; discovered runner’s gear in hidden closet compartment, identified some of her friends, secret computer notes suggesting Artemus was planning to use Jennifer for some magical experiment/ritual.
  • Arranged coffee-shop meeting with Jennifer’s friend; told of shadowrunning, as “Dancer,” fears of uncle’s motives.
  • Tracked Dancer to underground runners’ club, Fenris Nacht. Attempted to gain entry through front-door, ambushed by Dancer’s allies; survivor revealed they were running interference for her escape. Entered club via roof-door, using survivor as cover. After a brief standoff, given Dancer’s commlink on her behalf by bartender, told to await call. While waiting, researched security co. hired by Artemus.
  • Call received, told to meet at Club Penumbra.
  • Met Dancer at Club Penumbra, convinced to return to uncle with Team, intending to aid her escape after fulfilling the letter of the mission; spotted evidence of her “transformation,” later identifying her/them as possible shapeshifters, which would suggest that Artemus was actually trying to help. Upon leaving, ambushed at entrance by Artemus & co.; killed Artemus & co., while Dancer fled.
  • Made comm contact with Dancer, paid for job.
  • Informed Claudia of “success”; told to lay low for a couple of weeks.

The Grassland Plains of Wallace

The Holding of Wallace is considered by many to be the agricultural center of Caithness.  With more water than all lordings that border the great desert, Wallace has the most water and the most suitable climate for grain production and raising cattle and sheep.

Over 250,000 people call Wallace and its surrounding farmland home. The castle of Wallace is large and fortified for the history of conflict in the region.  Beyond this center, is a modest market and city but the majority of the population is spread out as far as 100 miles from the Castle.

Thunder of Wallace, Captain Benwell

Lord Wallace I

Because of the need for defense of the areas threats and the vast distances needed to be protected, Wallace has what many consider the most fearsome cavalry units  in Ytarria.  Organized in small and mobile teams of 5-7, the Thunder of Wallace is battle-tested and has protected the holding very effectively.   Lord Wallace himself proved his courage by serving his holding in battle for many years before taking up his seat in the Castle.

Wallace Guard, Captain Brontus

In addition to the Thunder of Wallace, there is a loyal and capable mercenary unit called the Wallace Guard, led by Captain Brontus.  These troops are the first defense against the vile creatures that emerge from the desert to attack families, steal livestock and destroy homes.  It is through Brontus’ leadership that lizard-man and orc raiders, once such an enormous source of bloodshed, are no longer as frequent or as deadly for the citizens of Wallace.

With Lord Wallace’s health declining due to age, his son and current Commander of the Thunder of Wallace has slowly started to take over for his father.  With a reputation for bravery and leadership that even surpasses the legend of his father, Lord Wallace II is a popular and unanimous choice to follow his father’s footsteps.

Lord Wallace II

King Conall  is not very popular among the leadership and people of Wallace.  Lord Wallace I has used every chance he can get to publicly ridicule the current King for his response to Castle Defiant.  Formerly loyal to Conall’s father, Lord Wallace joined the Separatist movement almost 6 years ago.  However, Lord Wallace remains weary of the leadership and the course the rebellion has taken and is closer to declaring neutrality that marching on Carrick in mutiny.

Not having the economic and military support of Wallace is a huge  blow to the power of the King and the Monarchists.




The Kingdom of Caithness


Caithness Population Figures:

  1.  Durham: 460,000
  2. Carrick:  400,000
  3. Fordham: 390,000
  4. The Former Barony of Mershall: 310,000
  5. Wallace: 250,000
  6. Redhall: 240,000
  7. Sterling: 225,000
  8. Denton: 200,000
  9. Oakwood : 190,000
  10. Simonton: 170,000
  11. Donlis: 160,000
  12. Ferrier: 120,000
  13. Harkwood: 50,000
  14. Deerwood: 30,000
  15. Tacitus: 5,000


Tacitus, Caithness

For many years the holding known now as Tacitus was a collection of small, independent woodland communities. The area is not very suitable for farming due to the harsh weather conditions and rocky terrain, so these loose tribal groups relied on hunting an indigenous hooved creature similar to Caribou on Earth, called Nogai, to survive. To this day, the beast remains a vital part of their lives and diet and holds a very high place of respect in their belief system and customs.

Tacitus is primarily known for skilled Hunters and Woodsman. Although they are considered a backwoods and primitive people by most other humans in Caithness, their skill in riding, archery, tracking and guerrilla warfare have earned them respect throughout the nation.

Only 30 years ago, a young Knight named Sir Elohar, united the area into a cohesive military force. His new army provided critical aid to King Morill (father of the current King) against the last Orcish invasion. Tacitus was the front line in the final battle and the Hunters of Tacitus were instrumental in holding back the final assault.

Sir Elohar was granted lording status after the battle, and two decades later, King Conall VI made Elohar a baron. As a result, Elohar is fiercly loyal to the young King and he would demonstrate that in the upcoming conflict.

Tacitus was the first province to lend their forces in support of the King and against the rebellion started by Lord Deneral of Mershall, 11 years ago. Tacitus Hunter’s were instrumental in pacifying the initial attack on the capital, Carrick. The holding of Mershall, left defenseless from their attack, was invaded and forcibly incorporated into a temporary holding of the captial, Carrick. The majority of Mershall resents King Conall and there have been many instances of unrest and rebellion in the last 11 years.

Tacitus is known throughout Caithness as the first and most loyal supporter of the now 35 year old King Conall.. The people of Mershall have not forgotten this and neither have the rest of the lords in the rebellion. It has not been uncommon to have subversive and open terrorism on the people of Tacitus, and it’s surrounding trade routes, from those loyal to the rebellion.

Geography and Trade:

Tacitus is in a unique position of all the holdings in Caithness. Baron Elohar of Tacitus and Lord Berd of Fordham, the two most northern provinces, have always been loyal to the late King Morill and his son and successor Conall. This has been the case throughout the entirety of the current civil war.

The location of Tacitus gives it a strong defensive position. The main keep and the surrounding village are nestled between the Bronze Mountains in the west, woodlands in the east, the R Conn river in the north and the Great Desert border on the south. Any invading force will most likely come from the Mountains or the Desert and would be identified early on. To this day no Orc or hostile Human force has breached the walls of the Keep.

There isn’t as much suitable farmland in Tacitus as other areas of Caithness and it’s population is perhaps the fewest in all the nation. Despite this, it has become one of the most profitable and important holdings to King Conall due to the recent trade and diplomacy established with the Dwarven King of Ginnrel, Fedor Ironthews.

Dwarven smiths are commonly known as the best in Yrth and the City of Ginnrel has a particularly well respected reputation for this. The first ambassadors of King Morill established contact with the city almost immediately after the end of the Orc invasion. Primarily for trade, but also to enlist their friendship and assistance in the conflict with the rebellion.

Through lots of hard work on the part of the Human diplomats, treaties were signed and King Fedor looked past the blood in the past between Dwarf and Human and agreed to begin trade between the nations. After 23 years of good faith and peace, King Fedor is close to lending military support to King Callon against the rebellion. This is a major strategy of the Human King and he is prepared to invest whatever it takes to hold Tacitus in order to help further facilitate this alliance.

The leadership of Baron Elohar has united the proud and skillful hunters of this region behind King Callon and have thus far proven to be a valuable asset to the King’s hope to stay in power. Under Elohar, farms have been developed in-between Tacitus and the Bronze mountains and he has vastly increased the size of the town surrounding the keep.

People and Culture:

The original inhabitants of Tacitus have seen their lives change drastically in the past 30 years.

Due to economic opportunities and foreign influence, there are many alternatives to living off of the land and the skills of the Hunters have been largely militarized over years of conflict with the Orcs. Immigration has also increased significantly since the Orc war ended and trade with the Dwarves brought supporting industries and hopeful entrepreneurial pilgrims from throughout Caithness.

There are currently roughly 5000 (and growing) merchants, herders, farmers, priests and peasants living in Tacitus and it’s surrounding farmlands. They are under the protection of 50 or so hunters, some local militia and 11 Knights of the Stone, including the Baron Elohar. Upon request from Elohar, King Callon has commissioned a large amount of gold to hire mercenaries to reinforce the holding. The first round of which are currently inbound.

Humans have historically been the predominant race in Tacitus. The Forest to the East is home to a small and declining Elven population that is rarely seen or heard from. There are stories of past conflicts between the original Humans and the Elven tribes in this region but the Humans were largely victorious and the remaining Elves have not been heard or seen in quite some time.

Half-Elves, Half-Orcs and Halflings are not unheard of in Tacitus, but rare. All non-humans will face uphill social challenges in Tacitus.