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I write this from a crude shelter on the outskirts of Wallace. I’m wet, cold and filled with a deep disrespect for Hunters of Elohar. It turns my stomach when I think that I once held these people in high regard, when in truth they are cowardly murders. Bernardus is dead, his throat cut while he was sleeping.

The celebrations in Wallace indeed lived up to everything I had been told. Even after the clouds darkened and the rain set in, the townsfolk’s spirits were still high. I’ll add that the rain had me a little nervous, there was something unusual about it. The way it formed, its intensity especially at this time of year. I don’t know, it just didn’t seem right.

Like everyone else, Rainald, Myself, and two new friends, Brother Mendel and Gabriel, continued the festivities indoors. Brother Mendel’s heart is in the right place, and seems a good man of God. Gabriel, is a bit of a mystery but seems to be a man of some skill and training.

As fortune would have it, an odd man by the name of Dixon Morello approached me looking for some people that would be willing to escort him into the Great Desert on an expedition to investigate something. I’m still at a loss as to what he was going to do, but he was offering to pay four gold a day, and seemed good for it. We’ll meet him in the morning, let’s see what comes of it.

Brother Mendel made mention that he might be able to offer some assistance in Bernardus’ recover, so as the night drew to a close we started the trek to the cottage. The rain was heavy and still has not eased. Things were not right at home, the old lady always sleeps with a candle on, and Bernardus would normally be awake at this time, but both houses were dark.

Gabriel and I went cautiously to investigate, and that’s when we found Bernardus had been killed. Something reminded me of old father Ustus back in Tacitus, preaching that God has a plan for us all. I wouldn’t say I liked Bernardus a great deal, as he had always been difficult, but he deserved better than this. Was that God’s plan for him?

All things have been quiet for a little while. Bernardus is still not well and his recovery is unusually slow. The others from Tacitus have left Wallace for lands elsewhere, and it’s probably for the best that there was no mention of where they would go. I, on the other hand will stay here, at least until Bernardus is well. Besides, Wallace is a nice place and I’ve managed to get some good steady work through the Armsman’s Guild.

Raids into the desert have been frequent, and I’ve managed to learn many desert survival tricks from some of the old hands. The Great Desert is an unforgiving place, and it will claim any man who ventures there unprepared. Despite this, it a bares a natural beauty I’ve not seen anywhere, and sadly my sketches will never capture the colours of this landscape.

Of the other’s in the employ of the Armsman’s Guild, one in particular stands out. Rainald, a Northman with a stature like that of a dwarf in the body of a man. Perhaps he has been lying to me and is just an overgrown dwarf. He’s a capable warrior and I do well to call him friend.

The Wallace harvest celebrations are in a few days, the townsfolk are excited and I’m told everyone will be in town for the festivities. It will be interesting.

FRIDAY, 11TH MAY, 2057

11°C | 51°F
Cloudy, Rain
Wind: SW at 7.9 mph
Humidity: 55%


15°C | 59°F
Mostly cloudy
S at 5.5 mph

First One-Shot:
Featuring: Gustav, Ditch, Switch, Reggie, Spark

  • Approached by Mr. Johnson, at The Pit, w/ job to rescue Yakuza-guy’s daughter from kidnapper(s)

Campaign, First Run:
Featuring: Ditch, Bookworm (+Vapor); Cameo: Gustav

  • Called up by Claudia & assembled for meeting at shooting range; meeting arranged w/ Herr Johnson
  • Met Herr Johnson at rental storage facility. A previous team of runners was hired by Herr Johnson to place a snooping device on a rival’s (Bosch-Klein) corporate network, but failed to extricate themselves smoothly, resulting in one team-member’s death, another’s incarceration by corporate authorities, with the remainder in hiding. Offered mission to erase evidence of the operation, and bring back the team members (dead or alive); mission accepted.
  • Gustav hired by the team to hack into Bosch-Klein via the “Arthur” backdoor, locate targets in custody, and erase documentary evidence of the operation; targets located.
  • Vapor rented getaway vehicle
  • Hit delivery truck carrying deceased target, Creep, to Saeder-Krupp for arcane interrogation en route, at intersection. Transferred target & gear to rented vehicle and torched company van.
  • Short on time & ordered by Herr Johnson to only return with all targets. Contacted Gustav, & arranged with his police contact to have incarcerated target, Gutter, picked up by the team 30min prior to scheduled release, with some appropriate palm-greasing.
  • Picked up Gutter at corporate security station. In progress, spotted by security officers, who pursued in security vehicles; managed to evade pursuers, after a brief chase.
  • Directed to Glowboy’s apartment by Gutter. Ambushed by bounty hunter team in apartment; defeated all but one who was operating remotely. Liberated Glowboy’s daughter.
  • Guided to safe-house by Glowboy’s daughter; remaining team located there. Discussed plan of action; safe-house determined to be compromised.
  • Ambushed again by bounty hunter team, in alleyway; fought back, using rented vehicle and targets’ vehicle as cover, & defeated all.
  • Immediately returned recovered targets to storage facility, & Herr Johnson. Got paid.

12-Oct-2173 (04:13:51)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0424), LAKISHA


11°C | 52°F
Mostly cloudy, Rain
NW at 8.8 mph

09-Sep-2173 (14:36:15)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0524), IRASHDAA

07-Sep-2173 (02:12:55)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0524), IRASHDAA

06-Sep-2173 (11:22:45)
Ships status: All systems normal
Navigational Status: APISHLUN SUBSECTOR (0524), IRASHDAA