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15-MAR-2173 (11:16:25)

The company has asked me to volunteer my First Officer and a pilot to take a shuttle to Ceti V. The shuttles original crew had both come down with the same illness. I’m told that it will be a four to five day mission…I hope so because I really need them for our own departure preparations.

Our own preparations are going well. I’m pleased with the crew that have arrived so far, and to my surprise they actually live up to the fluff in their personnel files.

I have also received some new orders. Before we depart Nusku we are to collect some surplus communications and computer equipment from the Navy Shipyards. We will be taking these with us as “commercial incentives” for the Vilani.

… end log.

14-MAR-2173 (21:42:13)

I received orders today.  Captain Martyn Brierfield of the Emerald Monarch accepted my application and invited me to join his crew.  It’s a deep space merchant freighter headed into Vilani space, “to explore and develop trade/merchant connections deep within the Imperium.”  Whatever.  He said I would be serving double duty as gunner and security, but the ship has no weapons system!  He hinted that there would indeed be something for a gunner to do during the mission, so I suppose the plan is to pick up some armaments later.  But I’m packing all my guns and armor along with my databases and vaccsuit, just in case.  A Terran ship without guns in Imperium space is likely to need some serious security sooner or later.

Either way, I’m ready to get back into action.  My first gig out of the military certainly feels like a fresh start.  Maybe, just maybe, this time everything won’t go quite so horribly wrong.

Duty report: weapons and ammo cleaned and inspected, armor inspected, diagnostics run on vaccsuit and all electronics, gear secured and ready for stowing.

… end log

14-MAR-2173 (10:13:20)

It looks as if my two month vacation is finally over.  I was contacted by the Captain Martyn Brierfield of the Emerald Monarch and offered the first officer position.  I gladly accepted and offered my skills and abilities to help the mission succeed to the fullest.  It’ll be interesting being on a new ship, the layout is very similar to the Yankee Clipper, but I’m sure the noises will be different (they always are).  I wondered for sometime if I was ready for the first officer position, Captain William has told me I’ve been ready for more than a year. Well more exactly, “If I don’t go find a job he was kicking me off his ship to force me into a higher one,” which, to his credit, he did.  The time at home and corporate HQ have done well to remove any lingering doubt about the new opportunity, more an ancy now than anything. 

The rest of my gear will be up in a day or so.  I’m having my sidearm cleaned and serviced along with the comm gear.  The biosniffer had to be sent out for calibration as well.  I intend to look over the refit record to get a feel for the changes, as well as trying to contact the last engineer of the vessel to find out any quirks we might need to be aware of.  When time, I need to review the crew with the captain to get his choices for the other positions and any thoughts.  The captain hopes to be underway by weeks end, should be a busy week.

…  end log

11-Mar-2173 (08:22:14)
As of 08:22 on the 11th of March 2173, I, Martyn Brierfield, officially assume command of the Emerald Monarch.

The ship was pushed out of space dock yesterday and the refit went well with a number of upgrades made to bring her up to par again. I will ensure the new Engineer goes over everything before we leave port.

Despite my objections, the company has removed the weapon systems from the ship. Apparently the Vilani border patrols are stopping all armed Terran vessels, and the company does not want an unnecessary incident. Our orders are that we make the attaining of armaments a priority once clear of the border. We should have sufficient money for the fitting and whatever bribes we are likely to have to pay.

I have gone over the crews records, and human resources seem to have done a good job short listing candidates. I will submit my selections tomorrow after I’ve had time to sleep on it. If everything goes to plan then I will contact the successful applicants over the weekend. We should be able to ship out by the end of next week.

… end log

10-Mar-2173 (15:25:18)
Ships Status:
All systems normal
Navigational Status: SOL SUBSECTOR (1822), NUSKU