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Spinward Star, LLP

The Count’s Gambit, Part One

  • Dirtside on Porozlo, the crew have spent twenty-one days dealing with the aftermath of the previous adventure as well as poking into other things.
  • Ella is obsessed with locating Sam and her investigation overlaps with Sae’s own digging into his unsanctioned Aramis operation. In a sleazy urban bar in Madua, Nemso, the two get involved in a fight with inexplicably enraged barflies. At the beginning of the fight, Sae observed a familiar woman who he suspects to be responsible for the sudden flare-up of hostilities. Following the fight, as they are exfiltrating, Ella and Sae encounter Envoy Dannica who passed on information she’s found from Sam.
  • At Nemso Orbital, Haank is approached by a drone bearing an invitation for the crew to meet with His Excellency, Count Para Anjiliac which he acknowledges and schedules for later.
  • Once the full crew is reassembled, they review the Sam information and learn he is behind the disappearance of the Spinward Star because he was concerned about being killed by Monsaanti-Neogene. He has also renamed the ship to Ellasaurus Rex so as to avoid further detection; everyone but Ella is delighted by this name change.
  • The crew proceed on to their scheduled meeting with the count. His Excellency’s aide-de-camp, Vago Gejalli escorts them planetside to the count’s personal domain where they meet him and his eldest son, Viscount Zonno.
  • The count informs them that a plague has enveloped the planet, Quopist, in the Lanth sub-sector, and it has been quarantined. His Excellency desires the crew to captain a ship that will be carrying medical supplies to assist … but more importantly, he wants them to locate his youngest son, Mika who went to Quopist on routine business and has since vanished.
  • Viscount Zonno interrupts and insists that the crew does not look up to this task. This eventually results in a duel between Sae and one of the viscount’s aslan retainers to prove they are capable. The fight is fast and frenetic, but culminates in the vargr kneeing the aslan so hard in the junk that the poor kitty passes out…

GM Notes:

  • There will likely be no game next week (4/14/18) since I (the GM) will be travelling. At least one other PC is out, and possibly a third (both related to my travel.)
  • Andricus (Aris’ player) was out and will miss the next two or three sessions due to wedding and work stuff.
  • I’m retrofitting the Star Wars d20 adventure module, “Tempest Feud” for this although I’m definitely making some tweaks and adjustments to fit better.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..

Spinward Star, LLP

Corporate Retreat, Part Five

  • Dirtside on Porozlo, the crew land on the top of the targeted building in Nemso, having learned that one of the air cars has been shot down.Unfortunately, Eddy displays his utter lack of competence with the contragrav belt and badly overshoots, smashing into control panel of the uplink dish which knocks it out of alignment.
  • Aris reports that the mining facility on the island, which is the second target, has also exploded and there are reports of other explosions across the planet. Realizing that this likely means that Monsaanti-Neogene is trying to cover its tracks and that this building is probably also wired, the crew decided to conduct a frontal assault down the stairwell.
  • Almost at once, a fierce firefight ensues between the crew and multiple armored and armed personnel, with Sae pulling out some near movie-level gun fu theatrics. In the course of this encounter, Eddy pursues and tackles the facility commander only after she has activated a bomb. Sae ends up rescuing his friend with a well-placed pistol shot.
  • As Eddy and Sae disable the bomb, the rest of the crew spread out to search for intel. Haank discovers Roxy in Recovery and, when he checks her pulse, she wakes with a simple “Did I fall asleep?” It does not take him long to realize that she’s evidently been mindwiped.
  • In the level below, the crew also discover numerous cryo tubes containing important businessmen and women of Porozlo, though they are unable to determine what the purpose is as someone has initiated a remote system purge. Hearing the distant sound of sirens approaching, the crew exfiltrate from the building.
  • In the week or so after this, the news about Monsaanti-Neogene’s connection to the various explosions that have caused so much trouble across Porozlo comes out and a feeding frenzy ensues as rival corporations swarm them. Besieged on all sides by their various corporate rivals, MNC is quickly forced to declare bankruptcy.
  • The courts promptly throw out the case against Spinward Star, LLC, which means they are once more masters of their own destinies.
  • That is, until they discover that the Spinward Star is missing…

GM Notes:

  • We had to skip last week. There were two planned absences and one unexpected one.
  • This ended up being (as I feared) just one long combat. I could have (and probably should have) tried to figure out a way to speed up this process or at least make things more interesting for everyone.
  • Andricus (Aris’ player) was out and will miss the next two or three sessions due to wedding and work stuff.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..

POROZLO TODAY / 325-1122 / Staff Writers

ANJILIAC CITY – Count Para Anjiliac sought to push back Tuday on news reports that “chaos” has enveloped his court, saying that staff turnover and turnover are part of the normal course of business.

He also warned that more dismissals may be on the way but offered no comment regarding the unverified reports that his security forces were recently involved in arresting multiple members of his bureaucracy on Nemso Orbital three days ago.

“People will always come and go,” the count’s spokesperson said in a morning briefing with planetary media. “His Excellency has insisted that he desires a strong dialogue before making a final decision, but maintains that he will exercise his rights under Imperium law to dismiss those who are not proving their worth.”

Later in the day, during a joint news conference with the prime minister of Nemso, Count Anjiliac again dismissed the idea of staff turmoil and said he will not have any trouble filling all of the positions that have opened up within his court.

Staff turbulence has been a regular feature of Count Anjiliac’s administration since he assumed his fief in 1101 Imperial following his father’s demise.

Most recently, twelve crewman and officers serving aboard one of the count’s personal starships were taking into Imperial custody for unspecified crimes although experts close to the investigation indicate that they were jailed on espionage-related crimes. This marks the fourth such arrest in the last ninety days, prompting experts to suspect the long-simmering cold war between Count Anjiliac and Countess Varin Arabella of Rhylanor is once again flaring up.


LACK of law enforcement lies at the heart of the drug scourge that has taken root in Lesser Madua and North Beach, with concerned residents claiming drug dealers continued unhindered because peacekeepers did not stop them.

This was the feeling expressed during a Regional Drug Meeting held in North Beach yesterday, where local councillors, NPOs, churches and concerned community members discussed the drug crisis and its impact on the city.

The meeting is part of an initiative to establish regional and local drug action committees across the province. Councillor Masello Mahwayyi claimed the metro peacekeepers showed no initiative in fighting drug use. As a result, the community had lost faith in them. When peacekeepers did act, she said, they focused on “catching the small fish” – drug users, rather than the “big fish” – drug lords and drug sellers, suggesting corruption was at play.

“The peacekeepers know exactly who the dealers are, and even who their big bosses are, yet are protecting the drug dealers because there is something in it for them,” she said.

She pleaded with law enforcement agencies present at the meeting at Landfall Hall to set a good example and lead the anti-drug fight in the city.

Recovering tempest addict Tebogo Makobe, said that when a dealer was arrested with a user he was set free, while the user was detained.

MMC for Health and Social Development Sakkie du Plooy said the aim of the local action committee’s task was twofold: to provide children and parents with information to prevent drug use, and to help users find the support they need. “We are using a community-oriented primary care approach, the Community Oriented Substance Use Program (Cosup) could become a model of effective best practice.

“This approach is making Nemso a global leader in community-based response to the care and treatment of people who use drugs.”

Cosup was founded in 1120 – eight sites are operational across the greater Madua area. More than 2500 people are enrolled, with 450 on medication to help them reduce and eventually stop tempest use.

Spinward Star, LLP

Corporate Retreat, Part Four

  • Dirtside on Porozlo, the crew are aboard the train-bus Pod en route to Nemso.
  • During the trip, Buck finishes his hack into Sam’s computer and, with Sae’s assistance, they identify links to Monsaanti-Neogene Corporation.
  • There is a brief delay on the train line during which Sae is embarrassed by a very young child who is ecstatic about seeing a puppy!
  • Shortly before arriving at Nemso, Ella receives a voicemail message from Abe that strongly indicates that he’s on Porozlo (against her orders!) and is now at the Madua Metro Diner. Almost simultaneously, Sae receives a coded message from an unidentified number that all but confirms his theory that they’re being tracked by their financial accounts. Luckily, a former co-worker of Ella’s from the taxi company she once worked for happens to be pulling into the station terminal and he owes her a favor…
  • Following a quick, high-speed trip to the Metro Diner, the crew discover Abe chatting with a woman who introduces herself as Ivixia Dannica, an agent entrusted with extraordinary authority operating on a ducal warrant signed by His Grace, Leonard Stephanos Kirgashii, Duke of Rhylanor. She is tasked with apprehending Breyon Sodhii, who was once an Envoy himself until he went rogue.
  • After confirming that their foe is Monsaanti-Neogene, Ivixia offers an alliance: she wants to hit a data farm to track down Sodhii and would appreciate if the crew could provide a distraction by hitting a MNC facility. She offers three solid targets – one an abandoned oil rig no longer in use, one an island mining facility, and the third a building here in Madua, Nemso. After much discussion, the crew decide to go for the triple distraction: they will rent a pair of aircars with company assets, then send one to the oil rig and the other to the island. While this is going on, they will then hit the Madua building personally.
  • To that end, Eddy and Sae hit the startown, seeking out personal contacts first to get some clean funds (so as to avoid drawing further attention to themselves) while also purchasing gear like contragrav belts and explosives. Buck and Haank attempt to hack the building schematics but find they’ve been intentionally blanked out. Ella reaches out to the lawyer firm to arrange for them to begin researching (through the courts) the island and the oil rig in the hopes that this will cause further distraction.
  • The following day, while Aris lurks in a secure location so he can remote pilot the two air cars, the rest of the crew move to assault the Madua building.
  • And then, Aris announces that one of the two air cars has been shot down…

GM Notes:

  • Andricus (Aris’ player) was out and will miss the next three or four sessions due to wedding and work stuff.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..

ANJILIAC CITY, 324-1122. The latest round of peace talks between representatives of the Free Commerce and Private Ownership blocs ended in failure yesterday following a bitter dispute centered around the nature of reparations.

At the heart of this ongoing disagreement is the Republic of M’Dwailei’s continued insistence that the Almarac Federated States return the island Tychon which the AFS seized during the recently ended war, as well as pay for damages incurred. The AFS continues to insist that the seizure took place legally and has petitioned for further redress in Rhylanor courts.

Count Anjiliac, who has made establishing a planetary governing body one of his primary objectives, is claimed to have threatened both representatives with execution by fusion gun in the closed session for their continued belligerence, but this report remains unverified. Facing staunch opposition by Free Trade bloc representatives, his latest resolution to establish a ‘Global Security Council’ was voted down.

Notably, the Democratic Republic of Digloiotti and the Stepozhevac Union sent no representatives to these rounds of talks. Both nations are members of the Private Ownership Bloc but are currently engaged in a regional border dispute that experts fear may spill over into open war.

Spinward Star, LLP

Corporate Retreat, Part Three

    • Dirtside on Porozlo, Sae observes the approach of the utility vertols and is then startled when Aris passes out after eating some of the newly delivered pizza. The vargr opts to act quickly: he breaks into and hotwires a pair of cars.
    • The rest of the crew exit Sam’s apartment and take the stairs down. Along the way, upon hearing loud noises emanating from the roof, Ella pulls a convenient fire alarm which results in many people in the apartment building attempting to escape as well.
    • Sae, upon seeing armored personnel lurking outside the building while numerous building inhabitants come streaming out, decides to cause a distraction by firing a couple of rounds in the air. This results in chaos as some of the civilians see the armored people and go for weapons which results in some of the armed troopers shooting back.
    • Whoever is running this op orders the troopers to withdraw as distant sirens can be heard. The crew (sans Aris and Sae) don’t immediately rush out but instead try to help the casualties until the EMTs arrive, then make their escape (after grabbing Aris who they discover passed out in the back of an idling car.)
    • The crew decided to take Aris to an urgent care clinic where they learned he’d been roofied. Relying on common sense, I had the on-call medic refer this to a cop who checked with the PCs … who failed their Fast Talk rolls and gave conflicting stories. This led the cop to call this in which resulted in Detective Kennex showing up again. After giving him the full story, he arranged to have them taken to the precinct to fill out paperwork and make statements.
    • In the police SUV, the crew (sans Sae who has lurked in the periphery to avoid notice) are startled when one of the utility vertols drops out of nowhere and opens fire, grievously injuring the driver. Ella takes over and expertly escapes the vertol. Behind, in a rented car, Sae observes a half dozen air skimmers suddenly attack the vertol which is forced to retreat very quickly.
    • At the hospital where the crew has taken the injured driver, the crew converse again with Kennex who is understandably frustrated at these events. Against his captain’s orders, Kennex arranges to get the crew out of the city via a train while he tries to figure out what is going on.
    • The crew board the train-bus Pod and with loud clanks and hisses, it pulls out of New Gevae…

GM Notes:

      • I thought this episode was a complete mess. The PCs kept catching me off-guard; Sae’s decision to cause the distraction with the discharge of guns, for example, caused me to go all blue-screen of death. The pulling of the fire alarm was not obvious thing that I should have been prepared for but wasnt. Further, the decision on the part of the PCs to stay behind to attend the casualties was totally in-character for many of the PCs but something I had not considered at all.
      • As the PCs got on the train … bus … thing (we started calling it a ‘Pod’ I think), I had each player describe a passenger. Amusingly, the last time we were on a train, the GM at the time did the same thing…
      • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..

Digloiotti says soldiers killed in border skirmish with Stepozhevac

GIOMAE, Democratic Republic of Digloiotti (Traveller News Service) – Digloiotti soldiers were killed and wounded in a cross-border skirmish with Stepozhevac troops this week, Democratic Republic of Digloiotti’s military said on Tuday.

Each side accused the other of violating the poorly-demarcated border, the scene of periodic clashes in recent years. During the recently ended world war, millions of people were killed in wars in the region.

Donovon Ndjike, a spokesman for Digloiotti’s army in East Kiivo province, said he did not yet have exact figures but that Wonday’s fighting broke out when an army patrol came under fire from Stepozhevac troops 200 meters into Digloiotti territory.

“According to our information, there were deaths and injuries during the exchange of fire, which took place several hours before the two countries declared a ceasefire,” Ndjike said.

Stepozhevac’s army denied it had crossed the border in response to Count Anjiliac’s demand for a report stating instead that Digloiotti troops “violated our territorial border and subsequently attacked our defensive position”.

Both sides asked the count to dispatch a team to investigate the incident.

Since the end of two major wars in eastern Digloiotti between 1100-1107, Stepozhevac has backed a series of insurrections in the region, saying its actions were necessary to neutralize perpetrators of Stepozhevac’s 1098 genocide who fled to eastern Digloiotti.

Reporting By Fiston Ross

Spinward Star, LLP

Corporate Retreat, Part Two

  • Dirtside on Porozlo, Buck arrives in time to see Ella and Haank being led out of the mall toward waiting ground-skimmers. Suddenly, an unseen sniper engages the group, killing two and sending the rest scattering. The crew manage to retrieve their weapons as the team led by “Roxy” are either reduced or flee.
  • On the highport, Eddy and Sae are cornered by a trio of addicts; when Sae kills one and grievously injures a second, they order their makeshift drone to engage. It does but uses riot gas, which blocks line-of-sight by the survivors (who are calling up the ‘rest of da boyz’) but forces Eddy and Sae to retreat and find an alternate escape plan.
  • The crew dirtside are interviewed by responding police but are released, thanks in part to Haank having vid of the encounter. The lead cop – Detective Kennix – especially takes a liking to Ella and provides her his contact info. In case she needs … anything.
  • Eddy and Sae meet Aris (who has temporarily damaged Jim’s weapon systems), then head dirtside upon receiving Haank’s summons. They arrive just as the police are letting the other members of the crew go.
  • The Crew then decide to investigate Sam’s place which they locate easily enough. While Aris and Sae wait downstairs (particularly for the pizza that Eddy just ordered), the others head up and break into Sam’s apartment, hoping to find some sign of him.
  • Eddy begins canvassing the other apartments, introducing himself as a ‘friend of Sam’s’ but this proves to be problematic when he tries to smooth talk a young lady only to discover she has a musclebound boyfriend on a hair trigger. He also gathers (from certain familiar clues) that Sam might have been a little too friendly with this lady. A fight ensues that Haank intervenes in so he can take down the tankhead.
  • Outside, Sae hears a familiar sound and observes the approach of two unmarked dropships. While one provides overwatch, the other deploys some of its armed personnel…

GM Notes:

  • A bit more disjointed than I would have liked. I should have run the two ‘combats’ simultaneously instead of splitting them up like I did so as to avoid having so much dead-time for fully half the party.
  • I’m still getting a handle on certain parts of the Traveller universe – the ‘highport,’ for example … I only just realized that all ‘official’ starports are run by the Imperium (though a planet might have lesser spaceports. As a result, the CR was retconned a bit. Not that it mattered to Sae who has that stealth attache case thing…
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..

Spinward Star, LLP

Corporate Retreat, Part One

  • Seven days after reuniting with Admiral Gloval, the crew departs 627-301 and head for Porozlo. Ninety-six days pass.
  • Upon arrival at Porozlo, the crew split to their own interests.
  • Buck encounters Ulysses Pitt, his commercial enemy, and the two end up getting drunk together which patches up their relationship.
  • Sae is summoned to his Imperial Intelligence contacts where he discovers that his operation in the Aramis sub-sector was wholly unsanctioned!
  • Eddy is mugged on the station and attempts to pursue the thief but the man escapes. Furious, he reaches out to Sae for help in hunting this guy down.
  • Ella and Haank go dirtside for the court date with Monsaanti-Neogene Corporation where they get hints that MNC was not expecting any members of the crew to show up. Afterward, Haank is contacted by “Roxy” who he believes is Sam’s latest girlfriend; she arranges to meet him and Ella at a nearby (familiar) mall food court.
  • Meanwhile, Eddy and Sae have tracked down the former’s mugger in a run-down hostel where they discover him dead, evidently of an overdose. They search the body and room but do not find the stolen monies. Sae, however, discovers a concealed camera observing the room and, as he attempts to get it, armored men kick in some doors…
  • At the food court, Ella and Haank meet with Roxy with the former quickly becoming suspicious. Her deception revealed, Roxy makes a signal and suddenly, the two are surrounded by armed personnel…

GM Notes:

  • Andricus was out for this session.
  • Spent a little more time than I would have liked trying to figure out how much each PC was paid.
  • We skipped the 96-day trip to Porozlo because it wasn’t all that relevant.
  • Since we’re livestreaming our games every Saturdays (6:00PM Eastern) at Ronnke’s Twitch channel and then later uploading the stream on the YouTube channel, we’ve decided to dial back on the extensiveness of the recap to just the overall outline..